4 Ways To Grow Natural Hair Fast Like Beyonce

Posted By Aljun M in News on Jul 24, 2016

So you've listened to Lemonade a thousand times and are a massive fan of Beyonce, but are stuck trying to figure out how to get great natural hair like hers? Below are 4 simple and effective tips to help improve your hair growth.

1. Pamper your scalp

Your scalp is an extension of your facial skin. And like your skin it needs some gentle pampering too! Giving our scalp a regular massage will help soothe scalp dryness and increase blood flow to your hair follicles; therefore increasing hair growth.

Massage your scalp with any natural oil such as argan oil, coconut oil, or vitamin E oil, at least ten minutes, and then leave the oil for about twenty to thirty minutes before rinsing. This will surely nourish your hair roots, stimulating the scalp for thicker hair growth in no time.

In fact one of Beyonce's former makeup artist has told various outlets that she has not only used coconut oil for scalp therapy, but also a body moisturizer, makeup recover and even as a mouthwash.

2. Use sulfate-free shampoo

Conventional shampoos are loaded with hair and scalp-drying chemicals and sulfates. Once our scalp gets too dry, it will result in allergies and flaking, which ultimately leads to hair loss. Also by using natural, sulphate free shampoos, we many nutrients that will help boost hair growth rate and increase hair strength to avoid breakage and split ends. Yes it is hard to make this choice but to have thicker hair also means avoiding hair cleansers that can wreak havoc to our follicles.

Famous celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble, who as worked on many Hollywood leading ladies such as (Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Shakira and Mary J. Blige), has always been a fan of using "sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. I like very hydrating masks with natural oils in them and hot oil treatments to keep the hair moisturized."

3. Apply natural hair moisturizers

Hydration is also important for growing thicker and beautiful locks. A well-hydrated hair is less likely to dry out and break. Also conditioning your hair in the shower will increase moisture and strength to avoid breakage. Instead of commercial conditioners, using herbal oils that can also shield your tresses from the UV rays would be a much better and healthier option. Organic coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil are some of the most effective herbal oils that can condition and sun-protect your hair at the same time.

You can also treat your hair with a weekly overnight hot oil treatment to moisturize your scalp and deep condition your hair. Using natural essential oils as a hair treatment will ensure that your follicles will receive healthy fats and nutrients that help make your hair strong and shiny.

4. Take hair-boosting vitamins

We often don’t get all of the vitamins and minerals needed for growing healthy hair. That’s why supplementation is a great way to make sure we get these nutrients to maintain our hair. The most important nutrients for the hair include biotin for thicker and stronger growth; protein for boosting keratins, which are needed to make new hair strands; antioxidants for protection from free radicals/UV rays and for preventing scalp inflammation; and omega acids for moisturizing your scalp.

Taking high quality hair supplements is an effortless and fast way of helping our hair grow fast and healthy. It gives our hair natural shine and protection from damage. By incorporating proper vitamin supplementation and healthy diet, we can be assured of beautiful hair everyday.

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