4 Easy-to-follow Tricks to Grow Hair Volume Naturally

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Mar 12, 2016

Any woman would love to have a smooth, thick, and bouncy hair. A hair that’s full of life and volume! We want to just let our tresses flow with the wind, allowing our locks to just sway with it without getting tangled up. But not all of us are blessed with lustrous and voluminous hair. Thin, limp hair can look lifeless and dull.

Here are some simple tricks to get more volume in our hair:

1. Get the Right Haircut and Hairstyle

If you cut your hair (long or short hair style), make sure that your hair is not in the same length especially if you grow it out long. If your hair strands have the same length, this tends to weigh your hair down.

Layered hairstyles like the classic long layered cut, or cascading layered hairstyle, and layered bob are great examples of haircuts that add volume to thin and limp locks. Also they are easy to style and increase volume. Short-haired women can benefit from cuts like tousled pixie hairstyle suits you best!

2. Shampoo and condition hair the right way

For thin and less voluminous hair types, the best way to shampoo hair is to focus in the roots not in the hair tips because shampoo tends to dry our hair up as it’s meant to clear the oil and dirt in the scalp. As much as possible we want to keep some natural moisture in our hair strands to increase volume while not drying out the hair. When conditioning your hair focus mainly in the ends not towards the scalp because too much oil can weigh down your hair. So shampoo the roots and condition the tips of your hair for better hair volume.

3. Wear hair in a bun when you sleep

Don’t sleep when your hair's still wet and try sleeping with your hair in a bun. When you wake up your hair will get a lot more volume. If you wash your hair before going to bed, make sure to air dry first. Otherwise, you’ll wake up with a limp and flat hair in the morning.

4. Don’t brush your hair when styling

Instead, brush it before taking a shower. This adds texture and volume to thin hair. If we brush our hair especially when it’s still wet, it gets damaged pretty easily. Style hair without brushing it to retain the texture of your hair and prevent frizziness.

Another hair hack that women with thin or thinning hair can do is to take biotin. Biotin is known to increase thickness and increase the rate of hair growth. With thicker locks, we can play around our hair and style it freely, adding more volume and bounce.

Add natural hair growth products to your hair care routine. Switch to a shampoo that contains herbal extracts that help thicken hair and stimulate hair growth. Most conventional shampoos can dry up our strands and promote hair loss. Using a herbal rinse is also a nice natural trick to enhance hair texture while stimulating follicles to grow hair.

What hair volumizing trick have you tried so far? Try the above techniques and see the difference!
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