6 Easy Tricks to Grow Out Hair Faster

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Mar 23, 2016

Have you ever wished to have Rapunzel-like long tresses?

If your hair is not growing out as fast as you’d like it to, you may just need to revisit your haircare regimen. Growing out hair is not a very complicated process. A few simple hair growth tricks, which you can do at home would surely go a long way.

1. Start from within

Many of us start looking from the outside when growing out our hair also depends on what we eat. Often hair loss or hair thinning is due to nutritional deficiencies. Iron, B vitamins, folate, antioxidants, fatty acids, and minerals including iron, calcium, and sulfur, are necessary for hair growth. We can get these nutrients from various natural food sources. Also, take quality multivitamins that are labeled “for the hair, skin, and nails”. These vitamins include hair-boosting nutrients like biotin, vitamin C, and protein.

2. Take care of your scalp

We just need to think of our hair like our favorite plant in the garden. If we take care of the soil and water the roots, the plant will grow healthy and strong. Hair growth begins with healthy scalp and follicles. How do we take care of our scalp?

Give it a regular massage. Everyday before washing your hair, take time to massage your scalp with any natural oil for just about 10 minutes. A good oil to start with is organic coconut oil as it is known to nourish the scalp, stimulating the follicles to grow healthier hair.

Use natural hair shampoo for cleansing. Chemical ingredients found in conventional shampoos are too harsh for everyday use. They can also clog up our scalp, causing irritations and even hair loss. Using a shampoo with healthy and natural ingredients grow strong and healthy hair as well.

Eat foods rich in omega fats. Essential fatty acids that we can get from organic salmon, flax seeds, avocados, and walnuts, help maintain moisture in our scalp, leaving it free from inflammation and dandruff.

3. Rinse hair with cool water

A hot shower is super bad for the hair. When washing your hair, make sure to turn down the temperature. Like the skin, our hair is also sensitive to heat. It opens up and becomes more vulnerable to damage and breakage. To prevent this, finish your hair cleansing with cool final rinse. This closes up the cuticles and makes hair resistant to damage especially when styling.

4. Trim hair regularly

Give hair a regular snip at least once in two months. This actually helps hair to grow healthier strands. It also gets rid of split ends and damaged tips, leaving only vibrant-looking locks. And having a new hair cut also gives us a fresh look!

5. Brush hair with a boar bristle brush every night

This step is a simple trick to spread the natural oils in your scalp out onto your hair strands. This increases hair moisture and luster. Plus, it increases blood flow coming to your scalp, nourishing the follicles. Again, a healthy scalp leads to healthy follicles. And healthy follicles mean faster hair growth!

6. Protect your hair always

Tying hair in a simple protective hair bun when sleeping. It helps protect strands from breakage as you sleep. Also, switching your pillowcase to a silk case helps prevent tangling and breaking our hair, which ultimately means retaining hair length.

Hair growth is a journey. But it is not a difficult journey. With the help of a few tricks and tools, we can achieve the hair length and strength that we so desire! Start your hair journey now!
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