3 Top Reasons Why Protective Hairstyling Can Boost Hair Growth

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on May 02, 2016

We often put in so much time styling our hair. With hairstyles and hair fashion going in and out of trend, our hair takes its fair share of beatings. 

But do you know that hairstyling is not all damaging to our precious locks? When done correctly, it can also be used as a technique for preserving hair length and encouraging hair growth.

With the right prep and products, yes we can make our hair grow out some more by simply tucking away those tresses in a bun or braid every once in awhile!

So why use hairstyling in protecting our hair and boosting hair growth?

There are several reasons why protective hairstyling can boost the growth of hair.

First, because the ends of your hair are safely tucked away, it will be protected from premature breakage, retaining the length of your hair.

Second, protective styling lessens the chances of your hair getting exposed to physical and environmental elements. Less manipulation means less harm to your growing hair. If you do this correctly, this prevents hair hair fall and thinning. Protective hairstyling in essence gives your hair a break from excessive product use, giving it the chance for uninterrupted and healthy growth.

Third, protective hairstyles just help your hair breathe and relax. If you need to help your hair get its own share of relaxation, protective styling is the way to do it! It is an easy way to moisturize your hair naturally. Regular shampoo can strip away your hair’s natural moisture. If you skip the washes at least twice a week, this gives your locks a chance to produce natural sebum and hydrate both your scalp and strands. Do this consistently and you’ll see a difference in your hair’s luster!

Just a few tips before using any protective hairstyle: wash it properly and then air dry your hair strands. Make sure that your scalp and strands are free from dirt before braiding or coiling it. It’s also nice to apply a small amount of natural oils like coconut, argan, rosemary, or jojoba oil onto your scalp to help retain moisture and stimulate the follicles for more hair growth. Massage and apply the oil from the top and work your way down to ends of your hair. Make use of a non-greasy hair oil like fractionated coconut oil. It’s not only less greasy compared to virgin coconut oil, it’s also less smelly.

We are lucky that these days we have lots of options to preserve our hair. Protective hairstyling along with other hair growth techniques can surely go a long way especially for women who are experiencing some form of hair loss.

Have you tried protective-styling your hair? If not, how about a fishtail braid tomorrow? It’s trendy, it’s sexy, and it’s definitely hair healthy!

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