2 Top Natural Solutions to Age Spots

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Jun 16, 2016

Aging comes with a lot of body changes. Truth. You can say some are easy to accept while you prevent and slow down others.

Age spots are one of the changes that we could at least take care of. Although harmless, we panic over seeing age spots. So don’t worry just yet, there are lots that we can do about it.

Age spots are commonly associated with fair complexion, age above 40 and too much sun exposure. These brown, black or sometimes even gray flat spots found in the skin occur in parts of your body that are more likely exposed to the sun like your face, shoulders, forearms, hands  and upper back. The use of tanning beds is also associated with developing these spots.

Our skin has cells called melanocytes that produce dark pigmentation to protect our skin from sun rays. When always exposed to ultraviolet rays, these cells get damaged and as a result overproduce the pigmentation resulting to appearance of age spots.

Medically, there are several treatments to remove these age or sun spots. Your dermatologist can discuss to you a series procedures or creams that you can undergo to eliminate these. Some of them are bleaching creams, chemical peels, laser therapy and cryotherapy. Unfortunately, they are on the expensive side and comes with their own set of side effects.

So before you consider those chemically laden treatments, take a look and try these natural home remedies for age spots. Guaranteed that it can be done at home.

1. Eat to get more antioxidants for your skin

Generally, antioxidants are good for your skin. It helps protect and repair skin cells against damage. It is also associated with slowing down of the skin aging process. So as you can see, it is like fighting both causes of skin spots with the added benefit of benefiting your whole body.

Foods rich in beta carotene or vitamin A, vitamin C and E are what you need. Fill up your pantry and refrigerator with fruits especially berries, green leafy and red/orange vegetables like spinach and carrots and eat your way to healthier, clearer skin.

2. Make your own age spots cream and facial mask

Lemon juice contains acids and vitamin C that assist in breaking down the dark pigment in age spots and bleach the skin. You can prepare a paste with 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of honey. The honey in the mixture will serve as the moisturizer combating the drying effect. Using a cotton swab, apply the paste to each of the spots. Leave it for about 30 minutes and rinse with cool water after.

Fruits that you can make into face masks are papaya and pineapple. Both have enzymes that help quicken exfoliation of skin. Just completely mash one of these fruits and apply to your entire face or in places you have age spots. Leave it on until dry and wash off with cool water.

Be mindful that it is better to prevent age spots from prematurely appearing. Since it sun-related, be sure to protect yourself. Get away from the sun’s ultraviolet rays as much as you can and make sure to wear sunscreens and protective clothing. With these, you are now sufficiently equipped to fend off those awful age spots.

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