How to Strengthen Your Hair Follicles Naturally

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Oct 28, 2015

Is your hair falling out a lot? Blame it on unhealthy hair follicles.

What is a hair follicle?

A hair follicle is like roots to a plant - they basically hold the hair strands in place (in the skin or scalp). Each hair follicle has a hair bulb where living cells work to grow hair shafts.

In essence, it is within the hair bulb that the magic of producing healthy and strong strands of hair happens. And for this reason, feeding your hair follicles with the much needed vitamins and minerals is indeed a crucial aspect for growing and maintaining strong hair - that is apart from practicing the right hair care regimen.

Here are some helpful steps to keep your hair follicles healthy:

1. Use hair care products that contain healthy Omega 3 acids or organic herb extracts. Essential Fatty acids such as linoleic and oleic acids have been known and proven to stimulate the follicles and naturally thicken your hair strands. 

Some of the most EFA-rich plant extracts to look for in a hair product include rosehip oil, rosemary, olive oil, and apricot kernel oil. 

2. Consume foods that have high levels of protein, vitamin E, vitamin B5, and biotin. Snack on nuts instead of salty chips. Also remember to always have enough servings of protein-rich foods in your regular meals. Keratin proteins constitute your hair and you can enhance keratin production by simply eating protein-packed foods. But remember, the more natural your nutrient source is the better.

3. When it comes to strengthening the hair follicles, it’s important to be very choosy in the type of hair products that you buy, specifically shampoos and treatments. As much as possible go the natural route because most commercial shampoos rob your hair off of its natural moisture, make it dry, and more vulnerable to inflammation, which can eventually lead to hair loss. What’s more, harmful chemicals can clog the hair roots and therefore causing damage to your hair.

So take time to look for specific ingredients that naturally enhance the hair follicles. The good thing is today it’s easier than ever to obtain the benefits of natural herbal infusions in one bottle.

4. Practice proper hair brushing. Use wide-tooth combs or a boar bristle brush to avoid split ends and breakage. Reduce heat drying to prevent exposure to artificial heat that can also pose a threat to your follicles. Air dry your hair before combing as wet hair is quite vulnerable to damage. A dab of any organic essential oil after washing can also help fight frizz naturally for seamless brushing.

5. Manage stress...don’t worry a lot! It seems to be the simplest step but can be the most difficult step to follow. As much as you can stay relaxed and avoid over-thinking. Stress is one factor that weakens the follicles because of that your hair will fall out more and may even cause premature hair graying. Something that you don’t want to happen very soon!

6. Stay simple. There’s definitely nothing wrong with being more hair-fashionable and following some latest hair trends. But practice more caution and care in the use of chemicals applied to hair such as dyes and even hair growth creams or treatments. Opt for milder products instead or better yet stay natural. No artificial hair coloring can top natural hair beauty and glow.

7. Make use of essential oils. Scalp massage with the use of follicle-nourishing herbal oils can absolutely do wonders for your hair. This conditions as well as moisturizes your scalp to avoid flakes and itching. Do this on regular basis to help promote healthy blood circulation in the scalp and therefore results in healthier hair bulbs.

The type of foods that you eat each day, your overall lifestyle habits, and even your outlook in life, plus proper hair care routine, are all vital factors that contribute to sturdier hair follicles. Missing out on any of these steps may yield to brittle hair strands and hair loss.

Hair health is obviously more than skin deep. Achieving strong, shiny and thick tresses doesn’t begin on the surface but deep inside your hair roots. Start cultivating a healthy environment for your hair today by taking the tips above.
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