Nightly Korean Skincare Regimen

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Nov 06, 2015

It may be complex for someone who isn’t too meticulous about skincare, but Koreans have a pretty interesting way of looking after their complexion... but looks like they're doing it right! Spending a bit of time and effort can come off easy if the result is a smooth skin, free of big pores and flaws.

Here’s a how a Korean nightly skincare regimen looks like:

1. Cleansing

Cleansing is a 2-step process in Korean skincare. First is the pre-cleanse wherein you need to remove your makeup using a towelette that’s rich in skin-enhancing nutrients. This ensures all makeup residues are eliminated. Although, for people with extra sensitive skin, it may be best to skip this as towelettes may irritate their skin. You can immediately proceed to the second stage of pre-cleansing which is to remove oil and bacteria in your skin using a mild sebum cleanser and warm water.

After that, you can continue to the next cleansing process which is to wash your face using a gentle foaming cleanser or cream. Do this softly in circular motion.

2. Exfoliation

Exfoliating your skin is a way to achieve the softest and smoothest skin possible by eliminating dead skin cells on the outermost surface. Make sure to focus on ‘problem areas’ such as blackheads on your nose or rough areas on your skin. Again for women who have sensitive skin, take extra care when it comes to giving your skin some good scrub.

3. Toning

Toners are an important part of the whole Korean skin regimen. Toning basically clarifies your skin pores, cleanses the skin for any residues from the preceding steps. It also tightens up the pores to make them appear finer. It is however crucial to pick the right toner for your skin type. Choose a toner that is both skin-clarifying and hydrating- not drying.

4. Essence treatment

After toning, pamper your skin even more by spraying or applying a skin-nourishing liquid essence. This enhances your skin’s cell renewal process. Most likely they contain essential oils and skin vitamins or antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E. To assist your skin in absorbing all of the enriching nutrients, gently tap your skin once you’ve applied it.

5. Facial massage, mask, and patches
Koreans also use patches - a special kind of ‘facial sheet masks’. There are patches for the eyes and even for the lips. The usual recommendation is to apply these masks twice or thrice per week. And on those ‘off days’ you can apply a good facial massage for 5 minutes in order to improve circulation.

6. Eye cream

The thin, sensitive skin surrounding your eyes is actually more at risk of aging prematurely if proper skincare is not applied early on. Tap on some eye cream around these areas to ensure they’re hydrated and moisturized. This keeps fine lines, puffiness, and wrinkles at bay.

7. Hydration

Yes I know it sounds redundant but Koreans apply another round of facial emollients to increase your skin’s hydration levels. When applying use a tapping motion to help circulation at the same time. Also make sure to include your neck.

8. Night cream

And last but definitely not least, apply another layer of moisturizer this time using a sleeping pack or an intensive night cream. If you think that this is way too much layers of moisturizers - think again. Consider this final step as the mask that locks everything else in to seal in the their moisturizing effect and keep your skin hydrated as you sleep through the night. Sounds like a perfect finale.

Overall, the Korean skincare routine is intricate yet looks to be an effective way of keeping skin young and glowing for many many years ahead. There’s no harm in trying.

If you notice hydration and moisturization play a key role in the entire regimen. Makes real sense especially in keeping the skin youthful for long. If you find this regimen a bit over the top, you can stick to a simpler DIY moisturizing routine using organic essential oils that contain natural skin nourishing vitamins. What matters is you cleanse and hydrate before heading to dreamland.

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