5 Common Women Skin Problems and How to Solve Them

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Nov 18, 2015

Want to have dewy and flawless complexion?

Women go through periodic hormonal shifts that in turn cause some unwanted changes on our skin including pimple breakouts, skin discoloration, rashes, among others. This is apart from other skin problems brought about by viruses, immune system malfunction, and other external factors.

#1 Stretch marks

Stretch marks aren’t just a problem for pregnant women or women who have already given birth. Some women even in their teens can have these ugly skin marks due to weight gain or rapid growth especially when they hit puberty. Not all girls are blessed with naturally elastic skin - and if your skin tends to be dry and not elastic, you’re more likely prone to stretch marks. Stretch marks are actually ‘skin breaks’ or scars. Once you gain weight and your skin stretches and is not flexible enough to stretch, it literally breaks; thus leaving unwanted scars in the form of stretch marks.

The solutionIncrease your skin’s elasticity and moisture level. Apply mild moisturizers all over your body especially after bathing. Make sure to increase hydration inside and out to help prevent stretch mark appearance. Also boost your skin’s natural rejuvenation ability. Nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E are known to help prevent and heal unwanted stretch marks. These nutrients help in skin cell renewal as well as improve collagen production. Collagen is a protein structure that makes skin supple and elastic. Pregnant women however should take caution when it comes to supplementation and should ask their doctor’s advice. 

#2 Acne

Nobody wants to look at their face on the mirror packed with untidy and ugly acne breakout. Contrary to common belief, acne or pimples aren’t merely caused by external agents such as bacteria or clogged pores. It’s way more than that. It may also has something to do with your hormones, as well as your dietary and lifestyle practices. The good news however is adult acne is curable. Do you know that adult acne can be treated safely and naturally? There’s actually hope for people who have been suffering from a major skin embarrassment due to humongous zits on their face.

The solutionYou can apply topical solutions containing vitamin A retinol or take vitamin A to treat acne. Remember, if possible don't take antibiotics. As a matter of fact antibiotics can even worsen your acne! Retinoids that you can apply to your skin are deemed to be among the best acne treatments. (1) Preventing acne is better than reversing it. Hence, try to look into your existing diet and check if you’re eating way too much carbs and sweets. Improve your gut health by maintaining a healthy gut flora. Probiotics can help.

#3 Allergies

Chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are another common skin problems that are both embarrassing and annoying. Usually these are results of your immune system that has gone haywire. Fortunately you can help improve your immune system by simply taking vitamin C and other immune system boosting foods.

The solutionYour dermatologist may prescribe creams, ointments, or pills to treat your symptoms. Usually these treatments also contain retinoids or a synthetic vitamin A, which help clear up psoriasis. It’s also been found to help improve other skin conditions including warts and wrinkles. If you want to treat your skin problem from home, you can simply increase your intake of vitamin A and vitamin C-rich foods. Also take supplements of these vitamins to aid in healing your existing condition.

#4 Pigmentation

Age spots, freckles, liver spots, or any other name you call it, skin discoloration isn’t cool. You can try hide them with a good foundation but ultimately you want a permanent cure. These annoying spots on your face are caused by the harmful UV rays. Ultraviolet rays trigger abnormal melanin production. When the melanin-producing cells get damaged they produce more melanin and therefore cause uneven skin tone.

The solutionSunscreen and exfoliation are the two main treatment options for this condition. For in-clinic remedies, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser and microdermabrasion are a top pick. It is obviously more difficult to get rid of dark spots rather than prevent them; thus make sure to sun protect your skin before going out. 

#5 Huge Pores

Every girl wants a smooth, pore-free face. It’s truly disappointing to see your face one day with pores getting more noticeable and bigger. When your collagen production starts to diminish or if you don’t apply sunscreen (yes even in winter), your skin (and pore size) will surely get into trouble.

The solutionApply easy and gentle pore-reducing techniques. Make them appear smaller through proper pore cleansing. Steer clear or heavy cosmetics and emollients. Also use mild facial cleansers before sleeping to unclog your pores. Don’t forget to exfoliate at least once or thrice a week depending on how sensitive your skin is. You can choose a product that contain ingredients with sloughing properties such as AHA and retinol.



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