5 Exercises for Naturally Glowing Skin

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Nov 18, 2015

Your skin is the biggest organ of your body. And like the rest of your vital body parts, it receives nourishment and oxygen from the bloodstream. Therefore healthy blood circulation guarantees healthy skin and body in general.

Good exercises for skin health aren’t really extreme but can be as simple as walking or jogging. As long as you get your muscles to contract and your heart to pump up a bit more, you’re already promoting good blood circulation.

So what specific exercises ensure good blood flow throughout your internal system?

Morning Stretches

Yes sometimes you really need to get up and rush (and totally forget to stretch your arms and body). But stretching can really help a lot with your circulation. Do some stretches everyday in the morning when you wake up.

This is fairly easy to do. You can either stand upright and touch your toes or simply stand and stretch your hands and arms upward like reaching up for the ceiling. Keep your feet flat on the floor while doing these stretches. You can do this exercise for a few minutes. This workout also serves as your ‘warm-up’ for a more strenuous day ahead - keep you body alive and blood actively flowing throughout every part of your body.

Aerobic or cardio exercises

Cardio workouts as the the name suggests work more on your cardiovascular system, which includes your heart and blood circulation. These exercises require oxygen. So these are perfect exercises for an increased blood flow that in turn help promote optimal skin health and function.

Exercises and activities such as walking, jogging, running, swimming, and activities such as skiing and boxing are also great cardio activities. Any exercise or activity that makes your heart beat faster (which means your heart is contracting) and makes you require more air, is a good cardio exercise. It’ll allow blood to flow more efficiently in your arteries and veins and effectively distribute nutrients and oxygen to all organs including your skin.

Notice your skin turning reddish or pinkish after a sweaty aerobic workout? That’s exactly what cardio exercises do to your skin: giving you healthy effortless glow!

Yoga and other fun activities

Yoga is also a good form of physical activity that promotes good blood flow. It doesn’t only help you achieve clearer complexion, it also helps promote mental wellness and beat stress, a known trigger of acne breakouts. Other fun activities that help your circulation are dancing, skating, mountain climbing, hiking, and other similar outdoor activities.

Resistance exercises

Resistance training is another form of workout that can energize your skin by helping increase blood circulation. Not only will you get more beautiful skin, it helps you tone your muscles and body, it also helps you increase your strength and endurance.

Resistance exercises make your muscles contract. Some examples of tools that offer resistance can be a rubber exercise, a pair of dumbbells, or bricks or or any other items that will cause muscle contraction.

Anaerobic exercises

Anaerobic exercises are basically strength training workouts that can also promote healthy skin. Weight training exercises are perfect examples of anaerobic workout usually using heavy weights. They require higher intensity compared to aerobic exercises which are lower in intensity but performed for longer duration.

A few notes on exercising

While you want to be fit, healthy, and more beautiful as quickly as you can, you cannot start with intense workouts; especially for beginners. You need to start slow and perform activities and exercises that require lesser intensity levels. You can eventually work your way towards more challenging routines as your body becomes more attuned to being more physically active. If you can, it is also great to seek advice from a health and fitness professional in your area to guide you with planning a perfect workout plan that suits you best.

Boost your skin health fast and painlessly by also incorporating skin nutrients that maintain your skin’s youthfulness and glow. Also make sure to eat right and stay happy. Happiness and confidence can definitely make a difference!
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