4 Reasons Blood Circulation Affects Your Appearance

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Dec 04, 2015

Have you ever asked yourself whether or not your blood flow has just been going alright? Sure this isn’t your ordinary everyday question; but if you answered no, now is the moment to give your circulation a quick check.

Our body has blood channels called veins and arteries that carry blood and transport nutrients, hormones, and oxygen to various organs in our body. These parts and the whole process of transporting blood throughout our system comprise our circulation or circulatory system.

Just like roads and pathways, our blood vessels and veins need proper care and maintenance to continue to function properly. Otherwise, congestion, clogging, and other blood flow troubles can occur, resulting in many internal (vital organs) and physical (skin, hair, and nails) consequences.

So how can an unhealthy circulation affect your looks? Here are some visible signs of poor bad circulation that can certainly affect your overall appearance:

1. Bad skin health

Not only will you develop unhealthy skin tone, you will easily develop wrinkles and fine lines, dark spots or skin discoloration, breakouts, and dark circle under your eyes. Our skin is made up of cells. And like all cells in your body, skin cells need oxygen and various nutrients. If you have poor circulation, your cells can’t reproduce properly and skin rejuvenation will not be efficient.

2. Varicose veins

If you don't address poor circulation right away, it can also lead to ugly varicose veins. Varicose veins are basically swollen veins due to blood pressure buildup in the veins. They’re not just unsightly they are likewise painful. With these ugly leg swells, flaunting your legs may no longer be possible.

3. Hair loss

Your follicles too need a sufficient supply of nutrient-filled blood in order to grow strong and thick hair. So if your circulation is poor, your hair will start to grow weaker and dry. Soon this can lead to hair fall and hair loss.

4. Brittle nails

If your nails break easily or don’t grow long, you may have to improve your circulation asap. Like your skin and hair, your nail beds require a steady supply of vitamins and minerals through your blood, in order to grow strong and become resistant to breakage.

Aside from the physical signs of poor blood circulation, other symptoms include poor appetite, weak immune system, digestive problems, poor mental function, numbness, and many others.

How to improve your blood circulation

Move your body

Taking a leisurely walk outside, exercising in general, taking time to go out and really ‘smell the flowers, or simply walking your dog, can really help boost your circulation. Inactivity is one of the biggest culprits to poor blood circulation. Take the stairs whenever possible, walk to the cafe or grocery store, and give those muscles a stretch regularly.


Not only your eyes but your body needs at least 5-10 minutes break from work and from sitting in front of your computer for many hours. So get up, stretch your arm, put down your smartphone, and just move about. This interval stretches can certainly do wonders to your veins and blood vessels.

Vitamins for circulation

There are vitamins and minerals that aid in proper blood circulation. B vitamins specifically niacin, and also vitamins E, C, and K all help keep your blood flow efficiently throughout your system. Protein is another crucial nutrient for the health of your blood vessels. A study conducted at the Massachusetts General Hospital actually discovered a type of protein promotes blood vessel growth that helps promote thicker hair and healthier skin. So make sure that you’re not deficient of any of these nutrients to stay healthy and strong.

Your health and appearance are inseparable. You can’t be unhealthy and remain beautiful. Optimize your inner body and it’ll definitely show.

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