How Watermelon Benefits Your Hair and Skin

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Dec 23, 2015

Ahh refreshing watermelons! And do you know that your skin and hair will largely benefit from this tropical fruit? That’s right. Because watermelons are super hydrating and contains tons of nutrients, eating it or juicing watermelon is a great way to boost your skin and hair health!

Cleanses your blood!

These fruits, which are kin to cantaloupes and squashes, are a great way to detox your body. Watermelons contains loads of antioxidants as well as anticoagulating agents. Thus known to be a restorative blood tonic. Eating this fruit is helpful for people with blood-related diseases.

Because of this rejuvenating property, your skin and hair will greatly benefit as your skin cells and follicles will receive clean and nutritious blood flow. A healthy blood circulation is one of the most important factors that contribute to stronger follicles and healthier complexion.

Keeps skin and hair young

Because watermelons are oozing with antioxidants, they are a great way to fight early signs of skin aging. They fight free radicals that may attack your cells anytime. Free radicals are one of the culprits of premature aging as they damage your cells, including those found in your skin and follicles. Want to have glowing, supple skin and smooth, shiny hair? Start juicing watermelons now!

Tones your skin

Whether you drink it as a smoothie or juice, eat it, or apply a watermelon mask on your face, this amazing superfruit can act as a natural skin toner. Plus, it’s hydrating; keeping your skin look full of life and vibrant!

Moisturizes your skin and hair!

Antioxidant vitamins including the highly moisturizing vitamin E tocopherol. It’s also rich in healthy plant oils which help moisturize the scalp and skin. Natural skin lotions anyone?

Heals your skin from acne and blemishes

Are you struggling with adult acne or any other skin diseases? Drinking water melon fruit juice can be your best natural solution to fighting acne! They are rich in B-vitamins as well as minerals such as zinc, which is known to cure acne.

Helps thicken your hair

As watermelons contain essential B complex vitamins, they help increase hair growth. In addition they contain high levels of other hair-boosting nutrients such as amino acids that are known to promote a healthy blood flow, and therefore nourishes your follicles. Amino acids are protein molecules that are also known to boost keratin production. Keratin proteins are the building blocks of your hair strands, giving it strength and structure.Because watermelons are super hydrating and contains tons of nutrients, eating it or juicing watermelon is a great way to boost your skin and hair health!

Soothes sunburned skin

Because of its skin-rejuvenating and refreshing qualities, watermelon natural masks applied topically on the skin can help relieve burns and sunburn.

Increases collagen for firmer skin

As they are packed with vitamin C, watermelons if taken internally can surely increase your collagen production. Vitamin C is a nutrient that promotes collagen production. Collagen proteins are responsible for giving your skin elasticity, keeping it firm and at the same time supple and smooth.

Gives you a glowing complexion

If you mix watermelons with yogurt and apply it as a face mask, you’ll get radiant and blooming skin. Why? it acts as a natural exfoliator and at the same time hydrates your skin internally and externally. Aside from that, when eaten and taken as a juice, watermelons naturally detoxify your body, eliminates toxins that can cause blemishes and wrinkles.

There you have it girls. Nine amazing reasons to drink or eat watermelons regularly! Why not start today and boost your skin and hair health fast!
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