What Makes Hair Grow Back

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Jan 01, 2016

You’ve been spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars just to grow your hair back. But unfortunately, no matter how expensive the product is, none of them has really given you significant hair growth as promised.

You might be looking at the wrong ‘hair growth’ perspective. According to scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital, your blood vessels may hold the key to growing thicker hair. The researchers at MGH were able to successfully grow thicker hair growth on mice. The secret? A protein that increases blood vessel growth in their skin. (1) 

Protein and follicles

The results of this study further cements the importance of protein in conjunction with a healthy follicle health contribute to thicker hair growth. These two elements are crucial if you want to grow back thinning hair or rejuvenate damaged tresses.

The above study generally suggest that bigger blood vessels and hair follicles contribute to increased hair volume and thickness. While the study has only been conducted on mice (for now), this has indeed given us a significant piece of the overall picture of the human hair growth cycle.

We know that protein counts a lot and that having healthy follicles by improving the health of our blood vessels also make a big difference.

Natural tips to growing thicker and stronger hair

Most of the time you can find remedies to hair loss or any other common illness right inside your own kitchen. Sometimes, you don’t need to spend hundreds just to grow healthier and better looking locks.

Up your protein - Whether it be by taking a good quality protein supplement or eating more servings of organic protein foods, make sure that you get sufficient amount of protein each day. Pack a salmon sandwich or a bag of almonds to work. Or, take a protein smoothie on the go. These are simple ways to increase your daily protein intake.

Hot oil treatments - Hot oil deep scalp treatment is definitely not a myth. But be sure to use only natural oils or your own organic DIY protein masks or any other mask of your choice. Just make sure that you nourish your follicles both internally and topically. This not only speeds up hair growth, this also makes hair shiny and smooth to touch. Say goodbye to tangles and hard-to-manage hair!

Drink smoothies - Drinking smoothies are easy and fast. It only takes minutes to prepare and quick to ingest. Plus you can choose your own favorite fruits and flavors for a more enjoyable way of growing thicker hair!

Fruits and vegetables are your natural source of vitamins and minerals that can help you avoid autoimmune diseases and hormonal imbalance. These health conditions can cause alopecia or severe hair loss in women. Having a healthier body and a balanced lifestyle is a crucial part of your entire hair growth journey.

If you want to thicken your hair and grow stronger strands, follow the tips above. Incorporating a good quality hair growth booster and supplement is also another great way to increase your hair growth and maintain beautiful locks for good. Start your journey now!



1. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2001/02/010215074636.htm

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