What Are the Main Factors Affecting Your Skin?

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Jan 06, 2016

Many of us either blame their genes for having not-so-good skin or just live with it anyway. Genetics definitely play a role; however your parents aren’t the only culprits to problematic skin.

Understanding the main factors affecting your skin will help you a lot in taking care of your skin properly and ultimately achieve a skin worthy of stares. Do you know that there are three main factors that can affect skin health?

Biological or Internal Factors

Intrinsic factors that affect your skin include genetics, lack of sleep, stress, alcohol intake, hormones, nutrient deficiencies, poor diet, lack of hydration, hormonal imbalance, collagen or elastin loss, slow cell turnover, unhealthy blood vessels, and medical conditions.

Obviously we can’t control the kind of genes that we have. However we certainly can manage most of these internal factors in order to have better skin. For example, you can eat more whole fruits and vegetables to get vitamins and minerals for skin health.

Also increase your protein intake to boost collagen and keratin levels for stronger, wrinkle-free skin. If you can’t avoid alcohol at least limit your intake. Omega acids from fatty fish, seeds and nuts are an essential nutrient that help maintain hormonal balance. Overall, having a healthy body will always manifest in better skin health.

External Factors

External factors pose a threat to your skin everyday. You may not be able to completely avoid them but you can apply steps to reduce or prevent ill effects from these external causes. Extrinsic factors that can affect your skin include free radicals, smoke and other pollutants, ultraviolet rays of the sun, poor skin care practices, bad weather conditions, and misuse or overuse of products.

These things can be controlled and modified for the good of your skin. Avoid smoking at all cost. Increase your body’s defenses against free radicals and environmental pollution by eating foods rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants. These nutrients will strengthen your immune system as well as build a natural skin barrier against free radicals. Follow a basic and natural skin care regimen. Commercial products are most likely full of chemicals and other irritants. Do away with toxic sunscreens and apply natural sun protection instead. And lastly, don’t overdo anything especially skin anti-aging treatments.

Kinetic or Mechanical Factors

Do you know that your facial expressions, sleeping position, and the act of sucking a cigarette affect how your skin looks? If you frown too often, you’ll develop forehead creases or frown lines. Also if you sleep on one side of your face, you may also develop a crease around the mouth. And if you’ve noticed smokers have bad skin and develop wrinkles very soon compared to non-smokers.

Combating the harmful effects of skin factors can be done by practicing healthy skin habits every day. These practices are pretty basic such as avoiding smoking, reducing your exposure to pollution, implementing healthy eating habits into your daily skin care plan.

Also incorporating supplements or vitamins that can strengthen and protect your skin from all of these detrimental elements help a lot. Start a healthier skin care plan now for better-looking complexion.

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