The 3 Best Organic Oils That Can Work As A Sunscreen

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Jan 06, 2016

Commercial sunscreens can be lurking with chemicals that potentially cause long-term health effects. They can also clog up our pores and block our skin’s ability to absorb vitamin D, which is essential to bone health. And that’s why using natural sunscreen options is the best way to go. Using organic essential oils is one of the most health-friendly ways to sun-protect your skin daily. The best part is natural oils not just protect your skin they also nourish your skin at the same time!

UV rays are quite damaging on your skin cells, causing it to age prematurely. Thus it is imperative that you apply sunscreen without skipping even in fall and winter. Also, exposing your skin under the sun for prolonged periods without any form of protection can eventually lead to not just premature aging but melanoma or skin cancer.

If you don’t want to develop any of these unwanted skin consequences, make sure to lather on any of these holistic natural sunscreen oils on your face and body before going out in broad daylight.

Coconut oil

There are so many amazing oils out in the market today that can act as your natural sunscreen; but personally I love coconut oil. It works amazingly both in shielding your skin from the sun and in giving you a nice tan (not burn) if you love going to the beach.

Caution: Take extra caution in exposing your skin under the sun especially between 10 am and 4 pm. Never stay under the sun for hours with or without sunscreen!

So what makes coconut oil one of the best oils that can act as a sunblock?

Coconut oil is a skin hydrating carrier oil that’s rich in antioxidant vitamin tocopherol or vitamin E. This vitamin has been found to protect the skin from the damaging rays of the sun. It also combats photodermatitis, which is a type of skin allergy caused by an abnormal reaction to sunlight. (1) Plus being an antioxidant it naturally helps protect your skin cells and fight cancer.

What’s even more interesting is that one study actually tested the sun protection factor (SPF) of certain herbal oils usually used in cosmetics and the test found that coconut oil is one of the two oils that have the best SPF value. (2)

Olive oil

Olive oil is the other oil that’s found to have the best SPF value, other than coconut oil. It is very rich in antioxidants. It contains tocopherol (vitamin E), polyphenols, and phytosterols, which help protect your skin from UV rays and cell damage. At the same time, olive oil is quite moisturizing and can restore dull, dry complexion.

Almond oil

Almond oil is another good natural sunscreen that works on par with usual sunscreens sold in your local stores. Like coconut and olive oil, it also contains a good amount of vitamin E, an antioxidant that works great in protecting and enhancing our skin.

You can actually use these carrier oils in creating your own version of DIY sunscreen. Usually organic sunscreen creams and lotions have coconut oil as base. Other ingredients include organic beeswax and vitamin E oil. There’s a plethora of online sources where you can get the best homemade sunscreen recipe.

Nourish and sun-protect your skin using these safe and effective natural oils today!


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