The Secrets of Japanese Women to Youthful Complexion

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Jan 08, 2016

Our skin can either exaggerate or understate our age. And sure we'd rather have youthful complexion. It’s fun and exciting to have people guessing what our real age is!

Want to know the secret to lasting beauty and youth? You might want to seek advice from our Japanese folks! Asians in general are somehow blessed with amazing genes that help them to look younger than their years. I could be wrong... but there’s no harm in testing out some of their beauty secrets to having better skin either.

Skin Care versus Makeup

Japanese ladies are more interested in implementing better skincare practices than trying out the latest makeup trend in the market. There’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup. It’s just that for these Asian girls, keeping things to the minimum and not overdoing cosmetics is essential. 

Pare down your beauty kit

Keeping the skin regimen simple is the core principle that Japanese ladies follow in terms of skincare. They hate slathering on tons of products on their face! Don’t use too many products at once. Gentle cleansing, proper hydration, and sun protection are the skin essentials that Japanese women religiously abide for youthful glow.

Choose natural skincare products

Japanese women tend to stick to what their mothers (or great grand mothers) had taught them when it comes to beauty care. The use of natural ingredients is pretty common. They love organic oils and herbs for both hair and skin.

And they love to drink green tea, which by the way contribute to their flawless complexion as well. Green tea contains natural antioxidants that help increase collagen production as well as protect the skin from pollution and free radicals. Drinking green tea also protects your skin from inflammation and harmful UV rays. This helps prevent facial lines and wrinkles.

The use of oil-based skin products

That’s right, oil-based skincare. Instead of alcohol-based toners and cleansers that can dry up the skin, they’d rather use oil-based cleansers to remove dirt and makeup. Stay away from mineral oil though. Mineral oil clogs your pores that can lead to blemishes. Use herbal oils instead such as coconut oil or argan oil that are known to have skin-enhancing properties.

Fish instead of meats

A Japanese diet is mainly composed of seafood, both cooked and raw. They usually stay away from deep-fried dishes and high fat meats. They mostly dine on seaweeds, fatty fish, and oysters, which are rich in omega 3 acids. Essential fatty acids such as omega 3 fat are great for your skin. They naturally moisturize and hydrate our skin. A well-hydrated skin is key to young and dewy complexion.

Cleanliness is beauty

Japanese people are generally quite hygienic and clean. They make sure that they are clean and fresh at all times. For them cleansing is a basic rule when it comes to skincare. Washing our face and getting rid of makeup before sleeping will unclog our pores and allow our skin to breathe and rejuvenate.

It really looks like keeping things simple can yield greater and better results. Japanese women have proven that implementing a simple yet efficient skincare regimen can deliver fabulous skin results. Start a simple but comprehensive beauty care plan today!

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