The Healthy Skin Diet: What to Eat for Better, Brighter Skin

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Jan 24, 2016

What do Hollywood celebs Lucy Liu, Halle Berry, and Rachel Mcadams have in common? Flawless and glowing complexion! We all covet perfect skin. But if we keep on having lunches at the nearest fastfood restaurant, having beautiful skin can stay in our list of “wish-to-haves” for eternity.

We need a healthy and balanced diet for better skin. Without fruits, vegetables, and other natural whole foods in our diet, we can’t get all of the crucial nutrients needed to produce healthy skin cells. Antioxidant vitamins, protein, B vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals such as iron are among the most crucial nutrients for our skin.

To supply us with these vital skin nutrients, we need to load up on these food sources:

Dark, leafy greens

Green vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli, bok choy, and swiss chard are one of the concentrated and best sources of essential vitamins not only for our skin but for our overall health. They practically have all of the nutrients needed for beautiful skin including antioxidants such as vitamins E, C, and beta carotene, protein, B complex vitamins, as well as minerals such as iron, magnesium, and calcium. All of these nutrients contribute to better skin health.

Yellow fruits and deep-colored fruits and veggies

Fruits such as berries, tomatoes, oranges, papaya, grapefruit, apricots, peaches, bananas, lemons, mangoes and veggies such as carrots, sweet potatoes, squashes, pumpkins, and yellow peppers contain high levels of antioxidants and other helpful nutrients for younger, fresher complexion.

Most importantly we get vitamins C and A from these colorful foods, boosting collagen production and synthesis. We know that collagen is an important skin protein for preventing skin sagging and wrinkling.

Legumes and nuts

Walnuts, almonds, lentils, beans, and peas contain protein. And protein is necessary for building strong and elastic skin. Just like hair, our skin needs protein to reproduce healthy and strong skin cells. Without protein, our skin will sag prematurely and age quite early. In essence protein is the raw material for producing skin proteins such as collagen and keratins that are also present in our hair strands and nails.

Fatty fish and seeds

Oily fish such as tuna and salmon are rich sources of essential fatty acids a.k.a omega acids. Chia and flax seeds are likewise great sources of healthy omega fats. Omega acids are responsible for moisturizing your skin naturally. These nutrients also help fight inflammation and bacterial infection; thus preventing skin conditions such as adult acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Foods to avoid for better skin health

If there are skin-boosting foods, there are also skin-busting food items. It’s been found that there is a link between sugar and adult acne. Studies suggest that diets high in refined carbohydrates, sugar, unhealthy fats, and dairy are bad for the skin. They can trigger breakouts and also contribute to premature aging due to the hormonal fluctuations and imbalances that occur when these foods are processed by our body.

Having beautiful skin indeed takes a lot of discipline. It could mean sacrificing some of our favorite foods. However keeping a good balance and eating certain foods in moderation will surely help.
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