How to Restore Your Skin's Natural Balance

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Feb 01, 2016

From time to time, our skin can go out of whack. But it doesn’t mean that it is beyond our control. We can look into our skin care routine and the products that we use to find out which ones need to go and which ones deserve a spot in our skin regime.

What is skin pH?

Like our gut, our skin needs to maintain a balance between acidity and alkalinity to remain healthy and disease-free.

The skin surface’s natural pH level is below 5 on average. This level is beneficial to the skin’s protective mantle, comprising of natural skin oils and microflora. A healthy balance between these skin components will help create a shield that wards off bad bacteria, causing breakouts and skin infections.

What disrupts our skin’s natural pH balance?

The products that we use on our skin like soaps, cleansers, toners, and cosmetics have a great impact on our skin's pH level. Even the use of tap water has been found to influence our skin’s acidity-alkalinity level. Other than that, our diet can also have an impact on our skin’s overall balance.

Simple steps for restoring the skin’s natural pH level

1. Avoid harsh, i.e. alcohol-based and chemical-based skin cleansers

Use natural and mild cleansers instead of regular soaps. Soaps are very alkaline; thus they can strip our skin’s natural sebum, causing severe skin dryness and irritation. Choose products that help neutralize your skin’s pH instead of disrupting it.

2. Use a natural toner

There are lots of DIY all natural skin cleansers and toners online such as vitamin C toner, made from distilled water and lemon juice. This all-natural toner contains antioxidants that help maintain your skin’s balance as well as keep it plump. Also drinking lemon water helps keeping an alkaline blood, allowing it to transport oxygen better and therefore keeps our skin clear and balanced.

3. Avoid an acidic diet

A diet that is high in refined sugars, dairy, meats, caffeine, and junk foods, is extremely acidic, leading to the disruption of our skin’s natural pH levels. An acidic diet is one of the culprits to premature skin aging. Choose whole and natural foods instead such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other natural items that boost the skin’s protective mantle and balance.

4. Drink plenty of water everyday

Hydration starts from within. Instead of drinking carbonated or sugary drinks to quench your thirst, drink either fresh water, natural fruit juices without sugar, or a glass of no-sugar fruit shake. By all means reduce if not completely eliminate sodas in your system if you want to maintain your skin’s healthy pH.

Indeed, there are several factors affecting the health our skin. But if we just implement the above simple steps, having better, more beautiful skin and complexion is definitely possible! Start having better, more balanced, and plumper skin now.
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