7 Natural Ways To Grow Long and Sexy Hair

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Feb 15, 2016

Women feel their sexiest when their hair is long and shiny. I feel that way. Every time I just let my hair flow I’d feel free and beautiful. I’d feel like I’m the most gorgeous woman in the world when my hair is smooth and lustrous.

But for many of us not all days are good hair days. That’s a time when you’d tuck away your tresses in a quick pony or bun. We’ve all been there. The good news is that we can turn the situation around, make our days all beautiful and sexy hair days! 

Follow these quick tips for sexier, more gorgeous locks every time:

1. Skip the blower

We’d get tempted at times yes. But heating tools such as blow dryers will ruin our tresses. It’ll suck away every drop of moisture left in the hair, leaving it dry and brittle. When we use heating devices, it is also like frying our hair. It gets toasted and soon becomes dull, frizzy, and prone to breakage. Air dry or towel dry instead. If we want long, shiny locks, we need to cut out the heat - or at least use it only when necessary.

2. Take your vitamins

If we skip junk foods and take our vitamins, we can keep our hair shiny and healthy year round. B vitamins, biotin, iron, folate, protein, fatty acids, and antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E are all crucial for hair growth. Taking a good biotin supplement or a multivitamin that contains all these nutrients helps grow strong, long, and sexy hair. A well-nourished body encourages healthy hair growth as well. Vitamins improve the quality of our hair. 

3. Make use of the essential oil power

Organic oils such as argan, coconut, rosemary, avocado, and many more, help lock in moisture and keep the hair lustrous and hydrated. Every time we cleanse our hair, we also strip off its moisture. By conditioning or by applying healthy hair oils, we rejuvenate both the scalp and strands.

What I do is I apply coconut oil before taking a shower. I give my scalp a good massage and leave in the oil for at least 30 minutes. I usually wrap my hair to allow heat to work on the oil and open up the follicles. This step helps in nutrient absorption as the oils can penetrate into the scalp. An overnight hot oil treatment is also an excellent way of reviving dry and damaged locks.

4. Schedule washes

Shampooing daily can dry out our hair big time especially if we use commercial shampoos. Shop-bought hair cleansers contain sulfates and surfactants that strip away our hair’s natural sebum. By skipping washes, we allow our scalp to produce natural oils and condition our hair. Make a schedule. 2 or 3 times a week of shampoo is enough. For days you don’t shampoo, think of sleek hairstyles or maybe a chic braid or sexy pony. This gives you a wide range of style and look.

Also, we can switch to a natural shampoo that does not contain hair-damaging chemicals. An organic shampoo contains herb extracts and oils that cleanse the scalp without damaging the hair. It also help boost hair growth.

5. Avoid hair dyes

I understand that many of us love to color their hair. I do! And it’s truly one of the hardest things to let go. But artificial coloring can wreak havoc to our hair. When the color washes out, it leaves a lackluster, weak hair. Chemicals in hair colors can leach into our scalp, damaging our hair follicles. If we abuse hair color, it can even lead to hair loss. Ariana Grande knows exactly what I’m talking about.

If you can’t avoid it altogether, choose a product with no ammonia. Or you can use DIY natural hair colors as an alternative. Henna is also a gentler option.

6. Trim hair

If we’re growing out our hair, we need to snip off the ends on a regular basis. Hair experts suggest that we trim the ends every 3 months to encourage better growth and do away with the bad hair. It also helps remove split ends and dry ends. 

7. Be gentle

Our hair needs care as much as our skin. A healthy haircare routine can go a long way if we want to grow sleek and sexy locks. Follow all the tips above and also make sure to use hair tools that are non-damaging. For example use a wide-tooth comb or bristle boar brush instead of narrow tooth or metal combs. Choose haircare products that are mild and natural. Know the ingredients of your washes and cleansers. As much as possible, switch to an all-natural routine to boost your hair inside and out.
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