3 Amazing Facts About Jojoba Oil

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Feb 22, 2016

There’s more to jojoba oil than we already know. In fact, it is one of the best beauty ingredients on the planet. Here are the three main reasons why.

1. Jojoba oil contains fatty acids very similar to those found in human skin sebum

The fats in Jojoba are very similar to the protective oil that is naturally found in our skin. Our skin’s external layer is covered with a type of sebum, which contains fatty acids with similar composition to those of Jojoba. This fat serves as a main barrier to moisture loss, preventing skin dryness.

This quality of the Jojoba oil is valuable especially to people with moderate to severe dry skin. So using a skin, scalp, or hair product with jojoba oil helps in preventing dryness and moisture loss. Fatty acids also protect our skin and scalp from free radicals that damage the cells, causing hair loss or skin inflammation. No wonder this herbal oil is a popular cosmetic ingredient. It has a superior moisturizing property that few oils have. 

2. This oil is very stable and has a longer shelf life than many other natural oils

Because of its simple yet strong chemical composition, jojoba oil is one of the most stable organic oils available aside from coconut oil and castor oil. Its stability exceeds that of vegetable fats. Meaning we can store it on the shelf for a long time without spoiling. It is because jojoba does not react with water (hydrolysis) and oxygen (oxidation). That’s why jojoba is an effective ingredient for moisturizing and even sun-protecting our skin and hair.

3. Jojoba extract is extremely rich in antioxidants

Natural jojoba seed extract contains tocopherols or compounds that collectively make up vitamin E. These are fat-soluble esters or alcohols with antioxidant properties. It goes beyond protecting the skin surface. These antioxidants actually protect our cells from within. Due to its stability, scientists suggest that jojoba contains a more powerful antioxidant apart from vitamin E.

The source

Natural and organic jojoba oil is sourced from the seeds of the Jojoba plant or botanically known as Simmondsia chinensis. It is an evergreen shrub that normally grows in the American Sonoran Desert. We can find this woody plant in the deserts of Colorado and Baja California. It also grows in Arizona, Utah, and in the northwestern part of Mexico.

Today, many scalp, skin, and hair products contain this precious ingredient. The above facts are solid proof that this oil is not-to-be-missed.

Some natural shampoos also contain jojoba. These shampoos help balance our scalp moisture as well as prevent flakiness. Scalp infections can be a cause of hair damage and hair loss. By using a hair care product containing natural ingredients with protective and hydrating properties, we can reduce the risks of getting scalp problems.

Aside from hair washes, jojoba oil is also a popular hot oil treatment. Like organic coconut oil, it helps rejuvenate dead follicles, encouraging new hair growth. Herbal oils such as argan, coconut, and jojoba are healthy massage oils. This boosts scalp circulation so we can grow healthy and shiny locks.

Have you tried using a natural beauty product with this amazing ingredient?
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