7 Ways to Repair Damaged Hair From Straightening

Posted By Lovella Sitoy in Rapunzel on Mar 02, 2016

Hair can be damaged pretty easily but unfortunately repairing it can be challenging. The great news is that there is hope. With the use of some simple remedies—and a bit of persistence—we can still revive damaged locks.

1. Say goodbye to chemical treatments for now

Any chemical-based hair product like hair dyes and artificial straightening is the last thing that damaged tresses need. Look for healthier ways to color, bleach, and style your hair. A simple Google search can unlock tons of DIY recipes and techniques on how to dye and style our hair without the use of hair-damaging chemicals.

2. Listen to the signs

Early detection is key to healing and repair. When you see some signs of hair damage such as frizziness, split ends, and extreme dryness, act right away. Stop using harsh hair products and if possible switch to an all-natural hair care routine. Natural and gentle washes are now available. Practice healthier hair habits from now on. Eat right and drink lots of healthy fluids. These simple steps can help revive damaged tresses.

3. No heating tools please

Just quit hair heating tools if you want to rejuvenate your damaged locks. These devices are one of the main culprits of dull, lackluster hair. Regular use of hair irons can suck the life out of our strands, leaving it fried and brittle. Do it as rarely as possible. And when you do, practice cautionary steps to prevent further hair damage when heat-styling

4. Use natural shampoos specially formulated for damaged tresses

Damaged hair has special needs. Choose a sulfate-free shampoo with organic herbal extracts and oils that help repair damaged hair. Avoid using a shampoo that contains harsh ingredients such as sodium laureth and sulfates. They make hair look more dull and lifeless and these chemicals can strip away our hair’s natural moisture. They can also destroy the natural balance of our scalp, leaving it prone to flaking and inflammation.

5. Apply a weekly hair mask or hot oil treatment

Look for natural hair treatment products that help restore and moisturize frizzy hair. Herbal oils such as virgin coconut oil, argan, jojoba, chamomile, and rosemary oil, are great for treating dry and damaged hair. These oils contain fatty acids and antioxidants that protect our scalp and nourish the follicles. These oils also promote healthy and thicker hair growth.

6. Protect hair

UV rays and the sun’s extreme heat can cause hair fall, brittleness, and scalp damage. Make sure to wear a hat or a sunscreen for the hair under the sun. Also swimmers should always wear a pool cap to protect their strands from chlorine damage. 

7. Take vitamins and eat right

A healthy body leads to a healthy head of hair. Our body needs vitamins and minerals to support strong and beautiful hair growth. We need B vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, and trace minerals to make gorgeous and shiny tresses. By eating fruits, vegetables, protein foods, and healthy fats, we can be assured of strong and lustrous strands forever.

For a fuller and damage-free hair, simply follow the above steps today!
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