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 ★★★★★ Liquid Biotin works GREAT for Hair Growth
★★★★★ Tastes Great
I LOVE the way my hair looks since I've started taking Liquid Biotin For Hair Growth by Rapunzel! It is really easy to take, it never burns because it's 100% ALCOHOL FREE, and it tastes great! Because it is a LIQUID biotin extract it is easy to swallow or mix into drinks or snacks, The SWEET VANILLA TASTE is infused with all natural cane sugar and organic vanilla. Honestly, this is the easiest thing to use. Just take the dropper filled with liquid and add it to a glass of water. I haven't tried it with coffee or tea but from what I gather you can add it to any liquid. You can also take the liquid biotin by itself by dropping it under the tongue for absorption. This has definitely replaced my biotin tablets and will continue to for quite some time.
Diane, Pittsburgh, PA

Daisi , Los Angeles, CA




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