Rapunzel Facial Cupping Set With Free Fast Shipping!

Rapunzel Facial Cupping Set With Free Fast Shipping!

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  1. Provide anti-aging effect: cupping therapy is effective not only in relaxing tense facial muscles, but also in reducing wrinkles and bringing more nutrients to the skin
  2. Relieve physical and mental stress: cupping helps relax tense and sore muscles and thus diminish symptoms of insomnia, mood swings, anxiety & depression.
  3. Detoxify the body: by increasing blood flow and improving circulation, cupping therapy clears dead cells 

Shipping & Returns:
We ship this facial cupping kit to you for FREE & FAST (within 3-5 days) to USA.  If you ever have any problems with it our customer service team will give you a no questions asked full refund within 60 days of purchase.

How To Use:

  • Press the cup to squeeze out of the air and place it on the treatment area: it should create suction, gently lifting the skin.
  • Remove the cup if it is painful. You can press the cup repeatedly and adjust the cup’s suction level based on your preference.
  • For optimal effect, please try to push out all of the air in the cup, and make sure that no air enters into the cup during the treatment, as it may fall off.


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